Lay Leadership

Our Staff

Jane Rainey, Music Director

Lay Leadership

Laura Melius, Treasurer

Louise Locke, Altar Guild Leader

Grace Sears, Daughters of the King, Children's Ministry, Evangelism 

Yvonne Thompson, Garden for the Hungry

Stephan Locke, Lector Coordinator

Zachary & Tristan Grider, LGBTQ+ Ministry

Phoebe Bryant, Outreach & Madison Homes


Our 2023 Vestry

James Anderson, Senior Warden - term expires 2024

Jim Farris, Junior Warden - term expires 2025

Grace Sears - Clerk of the Vestry - term expires 2023

Mary Arthur - term expires 2025

Zachery Grider - term expires 2023

Laura Melius - term expires 2025


Delegates to 2023 Convention

Rachel Cook, Alan Fryer, Stephan Locke, Grace Sears

Alternates:  James Anderson, Louise Locke, and Yvonne Thompson